Summary of the Advantages

This system has been carefully designed to be essentially benign.

To ensure this system has a negligible impact on ANY government’s financial policy or planning the following restrictions have been put in place to stop the Worqour from being traded commercially or used illicitly within the Global or national economies.


  1. There are no Worqour banknotes or coins.
  2. There are no Worqour savings, business or investment bank accounts.
  3. The Worqour system does not supply or offer credit.  Apart from the Passport/Worqour rechargeable debit cards, used for travel, there are no Visa or Master Cards.
  4. To ensure the Worqour systems do not support the illicit transfers of ill-gotten gains. ‘Units of time’ (Worqours) for cross-border payments are created, as required but only from funds drawn from accounts in recognized and lawful national financial institutions.
  5. The Worqour cannot be exchanged for any goods or services with any economy.  The ‘units of time’ (Worqours) must first be converted into the national currency.
  6. The government or its authorized body sets their official mHR and in doing so the national currency exchange rate for one ‘unit of time’ (Worqour).
  7. To ensure the NATIONAL Worqour Certificates used for storing wealth are not handed around or traded they are issued for a single purpose, have registered owners, are non-transferable, and only redeemable for their original fiat currency.
  8. The stable national mHR used in the exchange means that, unlike Gold or Bitcoin, the certificates have a predictable surrender value.  Also, subsequent increases in the mHR are applied when the certificates are redeemed.  This gives wealth stored as certificates an inflation-proof quality.
  9. INTERNATIONAL Worqour Certificates were created and subsequently only issued at the discretion of the Worqour’s Administrating body.  They are issued for a single purpose and being created specifically for ‘internal’ use they are not available to the public.
  10. The Worqour standard cross-border payment is an immediate and direct transfer process.  INTERNATIONAL Worqour Certificates were designed as one way to interrupt that transfer by pausing, and securely holding the large payments normally involved in trade between governments or multinational corporations.  These certificates will replicate the payment strategy currently used by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
  11. The Worqour’s Administrating body will combine its discretionary powers to issue INTERNATIONAL certificates with its access to the privately owned Worqour.  And, following discussions with governments create INTERNATIONAL Worqour certificates charged with any amount of Commodity Worqours for sale at an agreed discount.  Then, using an ‘after-pay’ commitment, the government will pay for the certificates in national currency.

The Worqour system is devoid of any tangible currency and it uses stable national mHRs fixed by governments in its fiat currency exchange equations.  These features combined with the non-transferable and restrictive use placed on all Worqour certificates means the Worqour cannot be traded on contemporary fiat currency exchange platforms.


General Advantages

  1. The ‘units of time’ (Worqour) is neutral and as a bridging currency no nation benefits more than any other from its use.
  1. Fiat currency exchange rates are, minute by minute, in a constant state of flux. They are also vulnerable to dramatic changes caused by unexpected global events.
    In contrast the mHR used by the WEAPD in the Worqour transfer transactions can be stable for months possibly even years.
  1. Unlike the global reserve that serves two functions, firstly as an internal national currency and secondly as an external international currency, the Worqour only serves one function. The Worqour’s singular role was to function as a bridge between national economies. The ‘units of time’ (Worqour) is not, at any stage, used as an internal national currency.
  1. The currency circumvents the Triffin dilemma and provides solutions to all the problems tabled at the 1944 Bretton Woods conference.
  1. The ‘units of time’ (Worqours) are free from the destabilising effects caused by changes in foreign Central bank interest rates.
  1. As a cashless currency the ‘units of time’ (Worqours) stable mHR exchange rates make it immune to currency speculation.
  1. The ‘units of time’ (Worqours) can be moved over borders with no increase or decrease in value.
  1. Unlike gold, Worqour Certificates are easy to transport and store.
  1. The Worqours mHR is an auto-adjusting feature that automatically includes government increases.
  1. The currency isolates and insulates national economies without de-coupling them from international trade.
  1. The currency’s stable mHR exchange rates supports long-term financial planning.
  1. The stable mHR exchange rate also make the system ideal for locking-in long term commodity prices.
  1. As a cashless currency that only transfers funds between established bank accounts the Worqour doesn’t support the cash movements normally associated with the global black market.
  1. National currencies are readily converted into ‘units of time’ (Worqours) as required so there is no need for individuals, corporations or governments to hold overseas funds. As a result governments may even legislate to stop the taking or holding of a national currency outside nation borders. This in turn would thwart the movement of those national currencies normally associated with black market trades e.g. illegal drugs.
  1. Worqour Certificates offer storing fiat currency wealth as a tangible alternative to using tax havens, Gold or Cryptocurrencies.
  1. Time is an unlimited commodity. Unlike the Crypto currencies that are restricted to 21 million units the ‘units of time’ (Worqours) currency taps an unlimited resource.
  1. Processing safe Worqour currency transfers uses considerably less electrical energy than Crypto currency transfers.
  1. Crypto currencies are suited to storing wealth but the exchange rates are extremely volatile and the payment transfer process is uneconomical.
    Worqour certificates are also a suitable method of storing wealth.  The Worqour exchange rates are extremely stable and the transfer processing costs are far more economical.
  1. Apart from the financial benefits, a nation who’s currency also acts as the global reserve can act autonomously as judge and jury. The global need for its currency can be used as leverage, as can debt, to elicit the support of other nations for that country’s global ambitions. The change to another national global reserve fiat currency would eventually incur more of the same.
    The Worqour’s neutrality does not support the global ambitions of any one nation.  Nations, who would prefer to stay neutral, are strengthened in their resistance to the pressure that would have otherwise drawn them into a conflict.  The ‘units of time’ (Worqours) removes the likelihood that any nation could exercise its financial dominance and become a global bully.
  1. A universally accepted and functioning WEAPD system has the potential to act as a non-nuclear deterrent that allows decisions based on a global consensus to be enforced.

Advantages of the First configuration.

  1. The mHR used in the exchange formula is established by the national government, or an authorise body, at a rate the economy can sustain.
  1. The Worqour with it’s mHR exchange rate means no overseas funds are required. Local currency is exchanged directly into ‘units of time’ (Worqours) as required. Poor exchange rates or having no overseas funds that, in the past, have prevented free trade are no longer a problem.
  1. There is no conflict of interest in using ‘units of time’ (Worqours) internationally. The Worqour functions outside and between all domestic economies.
  1. National currencies will function strictly within the sphere of their own national boundaries.
  1. Commodity contract prices agreed in ‘units of time’ (Worqours) supply both the vendor and purchaser with predictable financial outcomes because the mHRs used in the exchange formula are so stable.
  1. Pricing products in ‘units of time’ (Worqours) increases the spending power of nations with poor currency exchange rates.
  1. The Worqour opens up the developing world to easily affordable western goods and this in turn will gradually improve their standard of living.
  1. Pricing goods in Worqours open the doors to new customers, increasing the market size and as a result this will help kick-start a sluggish global economy.

Advantages of the Second configuration.

  1. The WEAPD/Worqour currency and payment system can supply governments with unlimited amounts of FREE capital.
  1. The system is capable of suppling FREE finance to countries in financial difficulty, e.g. Greece, in ways that accomodate the Greek government’s economic plans.