The system cannot be easily replicated

The WEAPD/Worqour currency and payment system cannot be easily replicated.

The system offers a totally universal time-based currency.  Anyone trying to copy the system will run into problems because their efforts could not include Australia.  They cannot offer 100% coverage.  As soon as they try to trade in Australia the Australian patent with its legal perogative will be exercised in the courts.

Two crucial factors

The WEAPD/Worqour currency and payment system uses two commonly found economic features.  One is the lowest common denominator to be found in any economy i.e. the minimum hourly rate (mHR) for the working individual and the other is a unit of time, the hour, both of these are elements the public is comfortable and familiar with.

The mHR

The mHR is the lowest common denominator that can be found, or established, in all economies.  Being the lowest financial rung it functions like the foundations of a building. The national economic structure can be built up from there.
Attempting to establish a time based payment system that starts somewhere ‘up the economic wall’ would be a very difficult task.

The hour

The choice of ‘one hour’ as the basic unit of time produces a similar effect.  Using every quarter hour, or every half hour etc, for a currency unit of time is uncomfortable and will be complicated.  People are comfortable with hours.  They understand exchanging hours for money through their exposure to working for money.

These two basic elements cannot be bettered.  Together they combine to create the ideal solution for currency exchange.  A formula that’s comfortable to use and one that has a basic universal exchange rate for human work effort.

Only one patent is needed to throw a spanner in the works of anyone trying to copy the idea. Because of Worqour’s Australian patent, only the Worqour can offer the crucial 100% global coverage.