Solving the global refugee problem

The WEAPD/Worqour currency and payment system has the potential to greatly reduce refugee numbers.

Solving the refugee problem can more realistically be addressed by focussing on the reasons for their migration rather than thinking of ways to keep them out.


Many of the global refugees crossing oceans and continents are fleeing war zones and sectarian persecution.  These refugees cause considerable financial and social strains on the nations that have to support their passage or accommodate their arrival. The WEAPD’s deterrent capabilities (see section 10) may be of some benefit here.

Other refugees migrate to take advantage of the good fiat currency exchange rate and they send much of their earnings home to their extended families.
The Worqour’s use of the mHR conversion ratio does not supply the same favourable currency exchange rates found in fiat currency exchanges.  These refugees will quickly recognise there’s no financial advantages to be gained in migrating and they will stay in their homelands.

A proportion of those claiming refugee status are in fact financial refugees.  Individuals with access to some money and possibly with some business experience, who are seeking a better life-style in a place other than their homeland.
When the fiat currency exchange rates are replaced by the Worqour and products are priced in Worqours (see section 08) those refugees can more easily increase their standard of living simply by staying, applying their business skills and working in their homeland. There, they can earn the money to buy / import readily available and affordable international goods.  Access to these products will foster the sound development of their own domestic economy, remove the need to migrate, and in time increase their standards of living.

The Worqour supports them in achieving their goals.  If products from the developed world are easier to work for and obtain in their homeland many refugees will loose the momentum that drives them over borders.


If war zones, or trying to increasing their standard of living are the primary reasons for these refugees fleeing their homelands, then adopting the Worqour currency and its payment system supplies a solution to help reduce both of these population migrations.