The whole Worqour system consists of five major parts;

1) The time-based Worqour International payment system.

2) A combination Passport/Worqour re-chargeable debit card to meet the needs of the travelling public in the international Worqour environment.

3) National Worqour Certificates are a method for storing wealth with superior advantages over those supplied by Tax Havens, Gold or Cryptocurrencies.

4) International Worqour Certificates are a multi-purpose feature that in one instance meets the payment needs of multinational corporations.

5) Commodity Worqours are a ‘pre-sale’ concept used to supply any amount of FREE emergency funds to governments.

This website deals primarily with the Worqour international Bridging Currency and its advantages. 

The ‘Commodity Worqours’ and how this process can supply EMERGENCY funds to a government will be added at a later date.


Firstly, a word from the inventor…

The term “Money makes Money” is misleading. If every human disappeared from this planet what would happen to money? Money would just lie there or it would blow around and eventually decay. Not one more new note or coin would ever be produced.

Every week people go to work with empty wallets and at the end of their working week their wallets are filled with money. They have turned their time into money. They are paid by the hour, week, fortnight, month or salaried year. Their time can be contracted in years. How much they are paid depends on the educated skills they are applying during that time. Money is a voucher, token, reward given in exchange for the supplying of human-effort time.

As we discovered during the Covid lockdowns, when workers are prevented from turning their time into money they have nothing to spend and the economy is at risk of collapse. Turning time into money is the very foundations on which national economies are built. 

Regardless of how great its mineral or agricultural resources are a nation’s human workforce is, by far, its most valuable and vital asset.

The world is awash with debt yet no one is asking who has over 700 trillion dollars to lend to the nations of the world?  Where did this money come from?  There is a grave danger in having so much debt.

Excessive credit and debt can strip a nation of its assets and capture its crucial workforce.  When that happens a nation is permanently stripped of its freedom, self-determination and identity.  Citizens are stripped of their rights and become mere money-making vassals trapped in perpetual service to external creditors. 

For me, this whole adventure started with a simple realisation….  

“Passports and Visas aside, the unskilled labourer can travel to any country in the world and sell their time in order to feed, shelter and clothe themselves.  

As early as 1817 Benjamin Franklin recognised ‘Time is Money’ and as it turns out;

 Time is also an International currency.”

With my understanding that, all over the world, people are selling their time and essentially converting time into money, my thoughts turned to the possibility; 

‘Could this money be converted back to units of time?… And, could those units of time form the basis of a cross-border payment system?

In light of the vast array of pay scales in every national economy the obvious solution for an international exchange rate was to use the lowest common denominator that can be found or created in every national economy. That common denominator is the minimum hourly rate of pay (mHR) as declared by the government.

Partnering a unit of time with the mHR and using that combination for the international payment system solves almost all of our present global financial problems.

*This system supplies solutions to the major problems discussed at Bretton Woods in 1947.
*Functioning only as an external bridging currency ‘units of time’ (Worqours) circumvent the Triffin Dilemma.
*Those who are looking to safeguard capital/wealth will find Worqour Certificates offer distinct advantages over storing wealth in Tax Havens, Gold or Cryptocurrencies.
*Pricing products or resources in ‘units of time’ (Worqours) means workers, paid on the lowest national pay scales wherever they are in the world, have to work for the same length of time to obtain that product.  As products become more readily affordable this will expand the global market and increase the standard of living in third world countries.
*The stable exchange rates supplied when using the mHR in all international transactions creates a level playing field that will have a direct bearing on the movement of financial refugees.
*The patented device that is pivotal to the currency’s operation can also be used as an non-nuclear deterrent to calm global unrest.

The advantages of this system are quite remarkable and they are described in more detail throughout this website.

On 25 December 2014 an application was lodged seeking an Australian patent for a device that produced random encryption tags that were subsequently used to facilitate a new global payment system.  The patent was granted 3 September 2015.

Australian Patent 2014280970 is for a Random Encryption Tag Generator.
The generator produces random encryption tags and then proceeds to use those tags to process safe cross-border transfers of national currencies using the ‘units of time’ (Worqours) business method.
This business method uses a unit of time as an international bridging currency.
Throughout the patent the tag generator has been referred to as the ‘Worqour Encryption and Processing Device’ (WEAPD) to indicate that the tag generator does more than just supply encryption tags.

Those familiar with currency and travel will be quick to point out that the system I’m about to explain doesn’t cater for the tourist or the travelling public and they’re correct.  It doesn’t.

Another system devised in 2012 combined a passport with debit card, that could be charged with the Worqour currency necessary for travel.  Combining travel funds and a passport on one card has some rather interesting features.

At this point it’s sufficient to say that the needs of the traveller have not been overlooked.  How the Passport/Worqour debit card works will be explained, in detail, at a later date.